What we do

Archway helps providers set up, manage, and finance bundled payment programs.

Providers and payors need new strategic, technological, big data, and patient tracking capabilities to manage these programs.  The goal of the Archway Health platform is to make bundled payments as simple as possible to design and implement.

Our platform includes online software tools where clients can go online to access program analytics and track patients and program performance.

  • Online program analytics with “Archway Analytics”

  • Online Patient tracking and program reporting software tool called “Archway Carelink”

We also provide additional bundled payments financial, care redesign, and operations support:

  • Program setup and design
  • Preferred provider network development
  • Gainsharing agreements
  • Care model redesign
  • Risk financing and profit/loss sharing
  • CMS program compliance
  • Commercial payor contract development

Archway has worked with hundreds of providers on bundled payment analytics, program design, and execution.

The Archway team is made up of a unique combination of proven healthcare operators, big data analytics experts, and technology entrepreneurs. Archway is a convener in the BPCI program and we work with other conveners to help them succeed. Currently our platform powers the bundled payment programs for more than 100 providers with $100 million in annual bundled payments revenue.

Archway has two basic business models.

Archway works with providers and payors in both risk sharing arrangements and in fee-based service agreements. In the risk sharing structure we share in the upside and downside of bundled payment programs; in the management services agreement structure our fees are based on the level of services and support that we provide. Our goal is to work with each of our provider and payor partners to develop the relationship structure that works best for them.